About us

About Hotel Bieze

About us

A great deal has changed since the hotel was rebuilt in 1969 following a major fire: one thing that hasn’t changed is the name. Hotel Bieze as you see it now opened its doors on 28 March 2015.  The restaurant seats over 90 guests and is characterised by an open floor plan and a warm, welcoming look and feel. Hotel Bieze is perfect for anyone looking to relax and unwind.

Our vision

Both Vlint 21 and Hotel Bieze offer famous Drenthe hospitality in a scenic rural setting. In everything we do, our hospitality, passion and professionalism set us apart from the crowd. Whether it’s a delicious lunch, intimate dinner or a fantastic overnight stay with breakfast: when you’re our guest, we are at your service.


Our promise

We strive to make your stay in Hotel Bieze relaxing, memorable and – above all – something you’ll want to do again. That’s why, time and time again, we’ll do everything we can to provide guests like yourself with that top-quality experience.

All we have to offer!

The best restaurant in town is already in your hotel!

Stylish & contemporary; our rooms offer it all!

Excellent rendezvous point for business meetings.